Sunday, June 1, 2008

girls, girls, girls

After battling a sick baby for 2 weeks, what's a weary mama to do? Hit the town with gal pals!!!

There's something to be said for female friendships, especially those rooted in the years of youth ... they friggin' rock! This weekend I got some great mommy-just-me time with not 1, not 2, but 3 of my dearest friends ... we're talking friendships that started back in middle school. Friday night I downed a "few" cocktails, inhaled some serious food (the scales are gonna' groan) and checked out the most buzzed about chick flick this season, Sex and the City, with BFFs Keri and Jeri Lyn.

We had some serious heart-to-hearts, some serious laughs and some serious fun.

Saturday, I celebrated the soon-2-be birth of baby Claire at a high-tea-inspired shower for my incredible friend (and mommy inspiration), Lindsay. Twentysomething ladies sipped strawberry and peach tea, nibbled tiny sandwiches and crudités and, well, sweat our butts off! The one thing you'd NEVER want to happen at a baby shower in the middle of a Texas heat wave (aside from a food shortage for the knocked-up mama of honor) happened. Air conditioner. Dead. Bleck!

But Linz is a total trooper and sipped and nibbled and opened gifts o' plenty with not so much as a heat-induced whimper. (If only I could say the same! HA!). Despite the balmy temps, the shower was awesome. Linz and baby Claire are truly, truly loved.

And, aside from my constant worry over Coop's gnarly-looking rash, this was an awesome weekend. And yay, more girly fun is on the horizon. Saturday I'll be playing the hostess with the mostess for my lil' sis Amy's baby shower. Can't believe Montana is almost here! Another beautiful girl who'll make the world a more beautiful place.

Jeri Lyn & Keri dive into a pizookie.

Youch, gonna' have to work extra hard at boot camp to erase these calories from my hefty budunkadunk!

Keri's a CPA AAAAND a superhero ... sweet!

Standing in line for Sex and the City. Tickets purchased at 3pm. In line at 9:20pm. Movie started at 10:30pm. SATC excitement over at 1am. Such a steep time investment worth it? Absolutely.

Me and Linz -- mad hatters!

The hats help cover up the beads of sweat on the forehead! =)


mimipam said...

HOLY POP-TART!!! You girls have not changed a bit since high school...still "posing" for the pics and attacking the sweets late at night--ha ha!!!! Sweet memories for me--makes me smile recalling "the daze". Also loved the new "Keri Super Vision Girl"--maybe you guys had just a tad bit tooooo much sugar, ya think???
love mimipam

Sawatzky Kids said...

What awsome memories...thanks for sharing!
Shelly and gang