Saturday, May 31, 2008

aaaaand, the saga continues ...

We're now approaching the 2-week mark on the whole ear infection thing and I have to say, I'm soooo over this! Coop went for his 12-month check-up yesterday and the doc said his ears were clear, but the meds that made those little ears clear is now muddying up his body.

Yup, after 7 days (of the 10 prescribed) on his antibiotic, Coop has broken out in one N-A-A-A-S-T-Y rash -- a whelpish, reddish, body-covering yuckness that the doc swears is an allergic reaction. It's everywhere, including his ears, the bottoms of his feet, his palms ... who gets a rash of their palms? So, weird.

Though he looks like he should be miserable (it makes me miserable just to look at him), he's actually been the most active, the most cheery, the most yay-we've-got-our-baby-back he's been since getting sick.

So, ya' know, there's the silver lining ... on a flaming-red, polka-dot cloud (the pics just don't do justice).


mimipam said...

awwwwe, the glories of motherhood--they just never cease. Poor lil thing does look awful, but I am thrilled he feels better. Gotta love those antibiotics!!! Yeehaww

Jane said...

Omg, poor lil dude! At least he's happy!! Haha.

Lindsay said...

Travis went through all of this also...
Oatmeal baths work really well for the itchies

Sawatzky Kids said...

oh poor little man! Hopefully this will clear up very quickly for him! Glad to hear the ear infection is gone!