Saturday, June 28, 2008

pink stinks

Three days 'til lil' Montana makes her debut and the shop-a-thon is on! Mimi (aka my mom) is in town this weekend -- we're going to see Hairspray tonight for her birthday -- and we've been snagging last minute steals and deals to spoil baby B with! And Coop has "loved" every minute of the bargain-ben-bubba hunt.

Um, not!

This child used to be by best shopping buddy, but now, holy hell! I can't keep him in a stroller ... off the floor ... out of trouble.

By the time we called it quits yesterday, that lil' turkey was covered head to toe in filthy floor gunk. Crawling (sans socks and shoes ... because Lord knows he won't keep those on!) around the floor and snagging things off racks served as the only successful diversion from a knock-down, drag-out bawl brawl (that, he saved for the 45-minute ride home ... gotta' luv friday gridlock!).

Thank goodness Chris is on daddy duty tonight, after chasing Coop through store after store, I'm wiped! Boot camp's got nuthin' on this kid! =)

Coop stayed in the stroller with Mimi just long enough to slurp some milk and inhale a fistful of cheerios ... about 10 minutes out of a three-hour shopping trip. Nice Clark, reeeeeeeal nice.

He's learning early ... put in on the debit, please ... no cash, no stash. =)

p.s. The pic at the top is Coop de-flip-flopping some poor mannequin at baby gap. Sigh.

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