Tuesday, June 24, 2008

yahoo yourself

If you haven't "yahoo'd" yourself lately, you totally should ... it's amazing what you'll find.

Case in point: I did a search on my name the other day and found that an article I'd sold in December had finally run. I was so stinkin' excited to see the piece in "print," but a little bummed that I hadn't been given a head's up about its debut. Sigh. Such is the life of an on-again, off-again freelance writer. When you're one of a gazillion mommies penning "in the trenches" pieces for parenting mags, I guess the novelty and excitement of selling (and seeing) first-time rights is lost on the publishing house. But, I must confess, I know that during my former editor days, I too, neglected to give some wide-eyed writer the "head's up." Oops. =)

Anywhoo, still overjoyed that the article is out there, click here to read the piece.


Hulsey Fam said...

yeah Tessa.. I read it and it was really good, and by the way the t-shirt idea is way good.... you are so blessed to have your little boy they are little miracles plain and simple... love ya girl:)

Sawatzky Kids said...

Way too go! I know we are only blogging/ computer "friends" but I did get a little proud for ya! LOL Now I am off to Yahoo myself!
Shelly and crew

Anonymous said...

Tessa, glad you're exited about your article being published in print and online. Sorry we didn't send a personal heads up to you at the time. We publish hundreds of pieces each month online and in print and there's no way we can notify every author each time a piece is published and still do the work of publishing them! It was published in print and online in our spring issue as stated in the agreement you signed in December. I've put a copy of the magazine in the mail to you too. Cheers,
- Bill Lindsay, Editor in Chief, Dominion Parenting Media/Parenthood.com.