Friday, July 18, 2008

at it again

In April, Chris, Cooper and I donned our tennis shoes and hit the street for little feet in the March of Dimes, March for Babies walk. It was the first time I'd ever participated in a charity walk and it was amazing. I wondered why I'd never done it before. And now, I must confess, I'm addicted to the feeling of being a part of something bigger, something better.

This former couch cruiser has become a charity-walk junkie! Who'da thunk it!

Chris and I (with Coopie in tow) are now gearing up for two more walks this fall. On September 13, we will be steppin' out in support of the American Heart Association and on September 27 we will picking up the pace for Juvenile Diabetes.

Chris and I have each set a goal of $350 per event and, if we achieve those, that means we'll have raised a whopping $1,400 for the greater good. And doing that, would feel freakin' great!

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mimipam said...

hey walkers, I will send you a donation after I get paid next weekend...I am soo very proud of you for thinking beyond yourselves~~lovemimi