Sunday, July 20, 2008

u-haulin' whaaaat?

Ack! I’m now into day 4 of summer vacation prep and holy Hannah! I knew tots needed lots of gear, but good Lord, we might as well pack everything Coop owns (oh, wait, I think we are.)

Back in the day when Cooper was “immobile,” our biggest space-takers were umpteen cans of formula and bottles and those (usually) fit in the diaper bag. Now, however, with seven days of summer fun ahead, Coop has jumped ship from a small tote to a full-on expandable, wheelie suitcase (a b-day gift from Mimi) and though I’m still finishing up laundry, I have a feeling this kid is gonna’ fill up every nook and cranny.

AND, what crams in the suitcase DOESN’T include the:

  • carseat
  • stroller
  • pack-n-play (with blankets and pillow … to elevate his head because, OF COURSE he has another nasty cold)
  • walker
  • push-toy walker (for when he doesn’t want to actually be IN a walker)
  • swim gear (little swimmers, regular trunks, the swimsuit with the floaties sewn in, life jacket, crab-shaped floatie with awning, water toys, hat, sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen)
  • kid-friendly snacks (and the sippy cups, spoons and bowls)
  • plug covers (yep, he’s become fascinated with sockets)
  • bag o’ toys
  • box o’ diapers
  • box o’ wipes
  • plus everything else I won't remember until we're half way there!
Hmm, U-Haul here we come.