Saturday, August 23, 2008

on the hunt

Well, after much discussion, the hubs and I have decided we’ll be buying (instead of renting) our first home at the end of January. YAY. We’ll be moving out of the apartment in exactly 22 weeks, 6 days … but who’s counting. ;)

Until then, unless Coop does something incredible (like walk!!!!) my blog posts may be a bit on the slim pickins side. Doing the marketing copywriting thing by day and the freelance writing thing by night, my words are all but used up by the time I even think about blogging. But, I’ll do my best for my handful of faithful followers (thank you Mom, Courtney, Stacie and Keri, lol).

To help pad the Falk Family House Fund, the hubs is also going to start pimping out his skills for some quick cash. Starting next week, Chris will be working for his BFF (whom I refer to as his wifey No.1) on the weekends in Abilene (or in the outskirts thereof). This opportunity is an incredible (!!!) blessing and though I’ll essentially be a weekend widow for awhile, I know in the long run this is all gonna’ be worth it.

So, though we have about five months until the big day, the hubs and I have already started combing the area looking for our dream house. I get as giddy as a school girl whenever we head out on the hunt. So. Stinkin’. Fun.

I can not wait to have a house for Coop to roam around in, a backyard for him to play in and space to actually have people over!!!! Oh, the house warming we will have!!!

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