Thursday, August 14, 2008

writer's do it write ...

...except this one. Sigh.

The countdown to moving out of an apartment (bless you, crappy housing market) and into a house (renting for a year, but it's sooooo a step up) is on. And, to pad the home deco fund, I picked up a 3-month freelancing job.

I love, love, love the work (and the extra $$$), but since I do the writing at night and on weekends, I feel (already) that I'm shortchanging the men in my life.

Chris has been great and tries the best he can to distract Coop while I sneak off to the bedroom to work. But, there's only so much a dada can do when a 14-month-old is adamant about getting to his mommy. There's been a lot of banging on the door, crying jags and all out temper tantrums ... and that's just Chris! =)

This new "extra" job fills a professional and creative hole I didn't even know I had, but how to keep it from creating a personal one is an entirely different story ... and one I'm not sure I can write my way out of.

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mimipam said...

I am so excited for you guys...just don't expect EVERYTHING in the house you pick to have all the things you want...they just don't seem to make them that have a FRIM idea of your big "absolute" needs...and then the "I would like to also have"...on your other list and get all that you can for the money you can afford. I agree, it is SO much fun looking for a new, love it. May the house hunting force be with you!!!! lovemimi