Saturday, September 27, 2008

insert back of hand swiping across forehead here

I don't know how you'd begin to spell that breathy little sigh of relief you do as you dramatically swipe the back of your hand across your forehead, but if I could, it would be here (so just pretend).

I was so, so, sooooo relieved that Coop and I made it through the JDRF walk yesterday with no major meltdowns (his or mine). Without Chris there to run parental interference, I was a little nervous that halfway through Coop might bug out on me.

But, yay! He was a total trooper. In fact, he sawed logs for most of the 3-mile walk/ride. And, because I'm clearly M.O.Y. (mom of the year), not only did I sign-up my 1-year-old to join me in a long walk at the crack of dawn, but I also scheduled seven (yes, 7!!!) back-to-back tours of homes for sale with our realtor (again, sans daddy as he was at the ranch working) just an hour-and-a-half later.

You'd think the parental kharma train would've run right over me for that one, but, again, Coop rocked it out! At the walk, he clung to his purple hair curler (don't ask) and during the real estate rush, he clung to a bottle of baby aspirin (yes, it was child proof and, again, don't ask). I guess his "safety" toiletries totally helped, go figure! ;)

The mommy Gods were smiling on me yesterday! YAY!

Cooper lovin' on Leesa, our JDRF team captain.

Coop "walking" it out in his "For Cade" t-shirt.

Zonked. Who knew a 3-mile ride could be so exhausting?

p.s. A huuuuge thanks to everyone who donated to JDRF, the event/experience was amazing.

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