Friday, September 26, 2008

one more time

Before this year, I'd never participated in any kind of charity walk. Then, I became a mama and was suddenly overcome with the desire to give back, to pay it forward and to instill in Coop from day one that doing for the greater good is a beautiful, powerful, important part of life.

That said, tomorrow will be my third (and final) walk for charity for 2008. Coop and I will both be slipping on our walking shoes in the hope of raising money and awareness for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

And, this one hits pretty close to home. A dear family friend, a precious 5-year-old little boy, was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes as a result of a sudden, life-altering medical condition, which landed him in Cook Children’s last year. Thanks to a great team of doctors (and amazing parents), he is now doing great, but it’s an ongoing battle.

So, in his honor and in honor of the other millions of children afflicted with this disease, Cooper and I will be walking it out. And we'd love to have your help.

If you can spare even a dollar, please visit my web page by clicking here.

Thanks everyone for your support over the past few months, you've helped this mama feel better than she ever has!

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