Monday, October 6, 2008

something to ponder …

So, the hubs and I are doing whatever we can to help pad the Falk Family House Fund (working extra jobs, tightening up on the budget, etc.). And, in an effort to add any extra dollar or two, I thought about participating in one of those jumbo kids consignment sales that have been popping up everywhere.

Unsure of how it worked (or if it was even worth it), I pinged several of my mommy friends and asked if they’d gone the way of consignment sales themselves and if they had any great wisdom to impart.

The overwhelming majority responded with a “philanthropic” approach to kids gear … meaning their souls are better than mine in that they donated to charities, churches, family members and friends. (A huge thanks to Courtney for making feel less like a she-devil, lol!)

As one who’s all about the good kharma/dharma (especially now that we’re trying to snag a good deal on a house), I had originally intended to donate to Goodwill (the bags and boxes have been in my car for a week!), but after three unsuccessful attempts to unload at my local Goodwill (always closed), I thought maybe it was a sign. ;)

So, here’s the question: Do I go for the cash or the good kharma? Talk amongst yourselves. :)


courtney said...

btw, if you take your stuff to a consignment sale, you can choose to donate your things that don't sale. the sales team up with a local charity/shelter, etc to donate the remaining items.

so, it's a win-win--cash and kharma! :)


fellow she-devil :)

STACIE said...

"Give it away, give it away, give it away, give it away now..."
- The Red Hot Chili Peppers :)

mimipam said...

karma crap--you have given back 3 fold this year with your walkathons and fund raising for it would not be a bad thing to think of yourself at this very crucial time. Sell, sell, sell and then unload the remainder to Goodwill. That's my nickel's worth. lovemimi

The Martin Family said...

You sell what you can. It is great to donate, but charity begins at home--and you are trying to provide for your family. Karma doesn't mean taking from your own family when you need to supply for them. SELL SELL SELL!!

Juli said...

i agree with courtney. what they won't take, give to charity, or tell them after so many days without sale, to donate them.

love keeping up with the faulk fam!

~ Straight Shooter ~ said...

Hey Tess! Haven't visited in a looong time! He is growing big and lookin' like a Ladies Man...I am talkin' about Coop-Man not Hubs here. Just making sure you knew that.
Are you talking about a JBF sale in TX by any chance?
If you are, I say "Sister, baby needs a new pair a shoes to put in his new closet in the new house and how ya gonna pay for it by giving everything to charity?" Sell it Girl!
And congrats on the whole new house gig!