Tuesday, November 18, 2008

happy "birthday," baby

A year and a half. Cooper is a year and a half today. And what a year and a half it has been.

He is obsessed with parts and pieces, rather than whole toys. He loves to crawl inside things, on things, around things and down things. He loves to bark at puppies, growl at bears and hollar at Daddy. He's a wild man at bath time, bed time, play time, any time. He gives the sloppiest kisses, the biggest hugs and is the best cuddle bug there ever was.

Since this little man of mine arrived, my life has never been more chaotic, more crazed, more full of messes and stenches and stashes of stuff. But it has also never been more blessed, more full, more perfect, more pure. And I thank God everyday for my precious little weirdo who makes me laugh like no other, makes me cry like no other, makes me love like no other, makes me live like no other.

happy, happy "birthday," baby. You are my light, my love, my life.


mimipam said...

I HAVE to be the most blessed mimi ever--to have two granbabies with the MOST beautiful, huge eyes I have ever seen. They look right into your soul and it feels like they KNOW exactly what your heart is about. Love, Love my babies. Hmmmm, ok, you "older" babies are pretty damn fabulous yourselves, look who had those little tykes huh?

Can't believe it has already been 18mos. since Mr. Feisty butt himself arrived on the scene. Watch closely, it goes by way tooo fast. lovemimi

Anonymous said...

And Mine!

I love you both.


Sawatzky Kids said...

Happy One and Half Birthday! :)
Very cute picture!