Sunday, November 23, 2008

if all goes well ...

Last Thursday we made it further in the house hunt than we have on the two previous houses ... we actually got a contract back, no changes, no amendments, no addendums, no blah diddy blah diddy blah. Who-hoo!

Tomorrow is a big one: the inspector is coming out! So, if all goes well with that, we may have actually snagged ourselves a new house -- literally (the house we're looking at is brand new, yee-ha!).

Fingers are crossed!

Front of the new house.

Coop posing in the entryway.

Coop and daddy check out the new digs.

Kitchen ... can't wait to whip up a mean pan of hamburger helper in there! ;)

Yay, built-in desk in the kitchen!

Looking into the kitchen from the living room.

Finally, a fireplace of our very own ... can't wait to tot-proof that bad boy. ;)

Coopie being his cute adorable self, which means he was working his charm, hoping I'd let him climb into the tub.

French doors leading to the study off the master bedroom (soooo dang excited about having an office!)


STACIE said...

It is gorgeous! We are so excited for you guys. Can't wait to see it. Call if you need moving help. :)

The Buster Bunch said...

Cute house!!! Sounds like it's prefect. THird times a charm :)