Friday, January 2, 2009


The Falk family just survived (yes, I said survived) night No. 2 in the new house and for a lack of a better word, we’re whipped!

In addition to the usual chaos that occurs with moving …

“Honey, which box did you pack the thing in?”
“Did we get the load of clothes from the dryer at the apartment?”
“Why are Coop’s socks stuffed inside a vase?”

… comes the added benefit of moving with a little one. Who isn’t adjusting well.

Night one Coop was down by 8 pm, up by 9 pm, back down by 9:30, up again at 11, inconsolable until somewhere around 1 am, in our bed and fitful, tossing and turning until 5:30 am …

Since we started packing boxes a few weeks ago, Coop’s clinginess, mood swings, chaotic sleeping and eating patterns and temper tantrums have — understandably — increased.

But since the official move on Wednesday, everything has intensified to such a degree that I would find a way to buy him the moon if I thought that would help. I know this is a phase and that once we re-establish our usual routine and he adjusts to the new house, things will calm down, but, in the mean time, how do I ease my little guy’s anxiety (he is sooooo like his mother!).

Should I give him a Zoloft? (I'll take one, please). ;) Pour him a cold one? (Daddy will take two ... or twenty). ;) Extra cuddling, singing, cartoons, toys … everything kid-friendly helps for about a minute and we see our precious, happy son, then …

He walks around the house like a zombie, not sure where he wants to go. He then turns in a second and runs to me, bawling, flinging himself into my arms (accidental head butts included), only to stay there a minute before he lays flat on the floor exhausted. Then we circle ’round again.

Coop seems so miserable. So lost.

And Chris and I feel miserable because we're at a loss as to how to help him.

Anyone been here, done this? HELP WANTED!

*Praying that our usual insanity resumes very, very soon. ;)


Sawatzky Kids said...

Poor little guy. Well our kids have had their share of moves in their little lives. Speaking for us and what we have found helps is to get their rooms up and running ASAP in the new house. Everything back as close as possible to what it was in the old house and then we spend alot of time playing with them in their new house. Setting up toys and playing in every room, to get them associating fun with the new house and leaving familiar stuffies in each room that they tend to go to and snuggle with for the first week or so.
We also take the time to pray through the house asking for God's presence and blessing over the rooms in our new home and pray His hedge of protection around the house that the kids would feel safe and secure in the home.
Hope some of that is helpful! lol
Praying Coop will feel at home very soon :)
Shelly and crew

mimipam said...

poor babies--all of you! Tess for once in your life you may need to let the decor wait for, hmmmm, 30minutes or so and sit in the floor and giggle with your son and hubby. Sleep on the living room floor together, just snuggle together...change is never easy--never has been for you and coop seems to be a lot like his mommie so just understand it may take a little while--and during that time you can stare at those blank spots to be decorated and some AMAZING idea will come to you--good things come to those that wait--I don't really believe that crap, but it fit in with my little comment!!!! HAHAHA just love him--both of the hims--he will relax when you do! lovemimi