Monday, January 5, 2009

happy pants

I was so distraught over Coop’s adjustment to the new house (or lack thereof) that I took the afternoon off from work on Friday in order to help rectify the situation.

From parents (thanks Shelly!) to professionals (thanks — everyone seemed to know the one thing I didn’t — setting up Coop’s room should be top priority.

A framiliar setting with his favorite things all rarin’ and ready for play? Well smack me on the ass and call me clueless — why hadn’t I thought of that? ;)

I rushed home, dug out all boxes marked “Coop” and got started. Of course nothing (NOTHING!) went as I’d planned — no walls got painted, no pics or curtains got hung (and don’t even get me started on the refinishing of furniture! ACK!), but I did get his books, his toys, his bouncy zebra all out and strewn across the floor … just as he likes it. ;) And it helped! As did the massive amounts of attention heaped upon him by mom and dad.

Instead of getting boxes unpacked, laundry caught up and rooms adorned with fun décor, I let Coop lead the way (though, I must confess, my impatient side railed against it!). We watched cartoons and munched on French toast sticks before the sun even dared to rise. He and dad played in the backyard, garnering his first big face plant (he doesn’t navigate steps well, yet) with scratches from the middle of his forehead to the tip of his nose to prove it. We read countless books, played ball (and peak-a-boo and where’s your nose/eye/ear/button?), sang silly songs — all the things we normally do, but this time I didn’t give in to guilt of all the things being left undone and, instead, gave Coop my complete and undivided attention — just as I always should.

This weekend my little guy started smiling again and for that I’m happy to live not knowing which box holds my black pumps, to stare at blank walls and to wonder how long it will be before I touch up my shotty paint job.

Coop found his happy pants! And his laughing and giggling and loving life is what makes our house, our home. ;)


Sawatzky Kids said...

WooooHooo for happy pants!
I just about spit out my Diet Pepsi Max all over the computer though when I got to the ass smacking part! lmao
Too funny!
So glad to hear that things are getting back on track!
Happy babies make for happy mommies!
Shelly and gang

Alicia said...

Yippee! Glad Coop is getting his bearings in the new house!