Monday, January 19, 2009

sooooo, vegas …

In a word: YOWZA!

Whenever you take a heifer (such as myself) who spends the better part of her day tied to a desk and yank her off her hindquarters and ask her to stand/greet/sell — cheerily — for upwards of 12 hours a day for five days, you better believe there’s gonna’ be some pain. (in every conceivable part of the body that even the strongest pour(s) of whiskey can’t fix — but Lord love you bartender Horatio for trying!).

I’m not exaggerating when I say — even at this very minute — that portions of both of my big toes are STILL numb from the traipsing back and forth between the Luxor and Mandalay Bay, between this event and that and so on, and so on, and so on.

Band-aids, strong gum (cat breath, I have found, kills the deal, lol) and frequently texted pics of Coopie (thanks hubs!) kept me from having a meltdown.

Aside from the behemoth blisters and aching back, highlights from Vegas included a $60 loss at the black jack table, a photo opp with Santa (must’ve been on vacay), a STYX concert, a fuzzy night at the bar following the STYX concert and stalking the hotel-room neighbor who kept Hillary up with his $200 worth of sex-capades (apparently the prostitution industry is recession-proof, go figure).

I’m happy to report that the boys survived (dare I say thrived?!) in my absence … Chris took Coop to get a new ’do (spikey … so cute!), they went to the hospital to welcome Sutton Stephenson into the world and they were both all in one piece (as was the house) when I returned. Aww … and it only took Coop 12 hours to remember that I’m his favorite parent, lol!

My friend Keri and her "crazy" accountant friends always do a kitty cat pose in their pics ... so, we marketing chicas had to show 'em up ... tiger style! rrrrrrrr. ;)

Never really heard/knew much of STYX before this tradeshow, but it was a freakin' blast. Thanks to David for letting me try out the fedora ... sexy, right! ;)

marketing shows a lil' love at Eye Candy in Mandalay Bay ... we're like family, I tell ya', a big, happy, dysfunctional family!

Coopie shows off his Vegas souvenir and a rockin' new hair cut. So stinkin' cute!


Sawatzky Kids said...

WoooHooo! A new post! lol
Glad to have you back in the blogging world! lol
Shelly and crew

mimipam said...

now that is one ROCKIN haircut!! I hope he feels better today. lovemimi--p.s. the pics of the convention were awesome...looks like you guys managed to have some FUN--YEAH...I'm all about the relaxing after schmoozing with the clients!! ha ha