Friday, January 9, 2009

Vegas, Baby!

Who-hoo, I'm headed to Vegas!!! OK, it's a work trip. And, OK, I’m gonna’ miss my boys like crazy (I haven’t been away from Coop for more than a weekend and that was Once. A year and a half ago … ack!). But, I gotta’ tell ya’ I’m so stinkin’ excited …

Me. Sin City. For 5 days??!! (Oh, how I *heart* my black jack, lol)

Will post details when I get back (along with house pics .. Mom, I promise!)

Fingers are crossed that I come back with a truck load of winnings and two boys all in one piece (I just finished a “Daddy Cheat Sheet” for the hubs).

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mimipam said...

You deserve a big fat break--the boys will have fun, well, coop will have fun--chris will sweat a lot-Ha ha ha. He needs this though--whether he thinks he does or not. tell him to call me and I will give him advice--then laugh after I hang up--just kidding, he will not need any advice, he is a good daddy. lovemimi