Tuesday, February 17, 2009

guess what??!!

My dear ol' dad's been telling me for months that I needed a makeover. Yes, I know, it sounds a bit harsh to tell your eldest child that she could use a serious overhaul. And yes, I agree that any good dad worth his weight in handmade greeting cards should love his daughter despite outdated appearances.

But, after giving it some serious thought, I've decided the old man is right. It's time. It's waaaay time to makeover ...

my blog!

(Ha! And you probably thought I was gonna' say I was back on my hot mama mission ... Pftt!)

Coop's pic in the current header is more than a year old now and as he changes every single day, it's false advertising to keep it up. ;)

So, at any moment, you should see a fresh look for Pardon Our Poo. Same genius, witty, inspired entries, of course (um, that's what I tell myself), just a fantabulous new 'do. YAY!

Thanks, as always, to Lindsay at Designs By Splat ... she knocked another one outta' the park!

And hey Pops, since this was your idea, I'm having Lindsay send ya' the bill. ;)


Anonymous said...

looks very nice. well done. next time dont wait so long to update.

courtney said...

love the new design and the new pics!!

i LOVE baby feet!!

The Buster Bunch said...

love the new blog. looks oh so great!