Saturday, April 11, 2009

big news!

So excited! Just signed on to help promote a huge event in dallas (during my "down time," of course ... the hubs is "thrilled," he loves taking on extra daddy duties so i can work, lol).

The event is for moms … just moms … a little “MEedom” if you will. Thursday, May 7 (the week of Mother’s Day), is the first ever National Mom’s Nite Out. An homage to mamahood, this celebration is in recognition of the short-changing we always do to ourselves (something we usually never realize until we’re found sleeping in our cereal bowls).

Anywhoo, a total grassroots initiative, this nite, via every social networking site and the mom blogosphere, is encouraging moms to take part in local MNO activities or to simply take the nite off, get together with the gal pals and enjoy a much-needed brain break (hello, happy hour!).

And, if you happen to be in the Dallas area, well there’s something great happening in your mamahood. and North Texas Kids have teamed together to bring MNO to you … at Studio Movie Grill in Addison (munchies and mixers and movies … I’m in!)

I will be tweeting — momsniteoutdfw — and facebooking — Mom’s Nite Out Dallas-2009 — (and any other “ing” I can think of) all the details shortly, but until then, save the date. We all deserve a little nite out.

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