Tuesday, April 7, 2009

dear mom,

In answer to your question, no, I am not dead. No, we are not fighting. No, I have not lost my ability to return phone calls/emails/messages left with the hubs.

And yes, my son now tells me no just as much as I seem to tell you. ;) Talk about coming full circle.

My apologies to all 5 people who read this blog for my lack of postings as of late ... i've been crazy busy with work work, freelance work, getting side-business off the ground work, pro bono writing work, wife work, mommy work and yes, though it may come as a shock to my parents, yard work.

Hmm, sounds like i should start saying no to someone other than my poor mama! ;)(Oh, and on a sad little sidenote ... this post is in respone to my total MIA routine pulled last week with my mom ... niiiice, right. It takes me another few days to even post about not posting/responding ...ack!)

hope to be back in the groove again asap! Until then, Mom, here's a pic of your favorite grandson to tide you over.


Sawatzky Kids said...

As one of the five...glad your back! Keep up the posting :)
Shelly and gang
...and i am sure there are more than five lol

mimipam said...

awwwwe, I LUV me some coopie!!!! Such a sweet face--he knows how to work it doesn't he???

As far as the moomie ignoring, no biggee, I just wanted to be sure you were ok--nothing else. Would break my heart into little shreds to do this life without you. loveyoutonz mom