Friday, May 22, 2009

talkin' 'bout bloggin'

Who-hoo! I survived my first radio interview (well, I was on another program once before, but that was in a PR capacity, this one was totally focused on mamahood). And, despite my serious case of butterflies (OK, it was more like falcons dive bombing my insides), nonsensical ramblings, lost trails of thought and a brief period of waterworks (ugh, what a cry baby), I some how managed to plow through the 30-minute interview without a projectile showing of my stomach contents. SWEET!

Minette Riordan, publisher of North Texas Kids magazine and now host of the parenting-powered radio show of the same name, asked me to come on and dish all the goodness that is blogging your way through mamahood. Now that the experience is over, I can say it was completely awesome. Minette was super-easy to chat with and she was great about picking up the ball and running with it when I inevitably dropped it like a two-ton diaper (over and over again … there is a reason I’m usually on the other side of the interview, lol).

The show, which airs weekdays from 2-2:30 pm on The Word, 100.7, debuted Monday and has already featured some amazing guests (present company excluded) including authors, experts and parenting phenoms. The show’s ratings will inevitably dip when my segment airs next Thursday, but I know Minette has the strength and wherewithal to bounce back.

I’ll post a link as soon as my segment airs.

Here’s a pic of me and Minette post-show … no, the studio was not as balmy as it appears. Cooper, unbeknownst to me, had swiped my camera at some point and smudged the lens with his pudgy little fingers. So, riddle me this batman, why does Cooper avoid me like the swine flu when I’m going all mamarazzo on him only to snag my camera, turn it on himself and say, “Cheese!” when I walk away? Gotta’ get this kid his on toddler-friendly version … would love to see what he “captures.”

Post lens-cleaning … hmm, maybe I should keep the baby smudge on … I look waaaay better behind the “smoke.”


mimipam said...

woohoo, I am sooo proud of you!!! You are such a CELEB--ha ha, I kid, but you have ALWAYS been a huge celeb in my eyes...well, except for that brief (?) unable to find a job because you were toooooo qualified stint--ha ha--even then you rocked my every day. You DO know how to do so many things--mommie dearest is sooo proud!! Rock on sista. lovemimi

The Buster Bunch said...

That's awesome Tess! Wow! You are famous! Look at you working your way up the ladder. I'm impressed!