Monday, June 15, 2009

Flying trip to A-town

Late Friday, after enduring 24 hours of excruciating back pain (stress and the way I tense up on the eliptiKILL wreak havoc on my shoulders … yowza!) I decided to get the hell outta’ Dodge. I left the hubs to do “boy stuff,” loaded up Coop and headed to A-town to see my mom.

I hadn’t had any time to hang with just her and Cooper in months, so it was a much-needed reunion. Aside from “my boys,” my mom is my absolute bestie, which makes the long breaks between visits a little hard to handle.

We didn’t do much, which is exactly what we all needed—just puttered around town, checked out garage sales and Good Will (I LOVE the Abilene GW … they always have the best bargains … including a 2009 calendar I’ve been hunting down for a whopping $1.25, who-hoo!), playing in the kiddie pool and mowing the yard (burning those calories in 105-degree temps, yeah, baby!).

Came home early Sunday exhausted (um, did I mention that my mom’s air conditioner was out … hello, Sweat City), but completely recharged.

Thanks for the great visit, Mimi!


mimipam said...

I had a scrumptious-delicious weekend with you crazy kidz also!!! It could not have been better--except for maybe that last pic that you posted--UGLY!!! Zowie I can be some kind of homely can't I???? oh well, just tell them all I escaped from the dressing room at the goodwill store!! ha ha ha that funny.

Sawatzky family said...

Funny stuff in the above comment lol!
Hot texas weather....I miss it! (we lived in El Paso)
Great picture of your little guy in the pool :)
I thinks it's time for another post! ;b