Thursday, June 4, 2009

Fat Chants

My lastest Fat Chants article has just been published over on Moms Out Loud (yay!). Check it out here ...

p.s. It was written a few days ago, so it doesn't reflect this AM's success on the scale. ;)


Sawatzky family said...

What a great piece! I love the mental picture of being swept off my feet (literally) by my hubs! Every time he tries I go into full panic mode that I will somehow break him! I literally run in the other dierction for fear of the embarassment (totally spelled wrong) of him not being able to. He swears he can especially now with my weight loss but I am still to scared to let him try! lol I keep saayong five more pounds, five more pounds...maybe I should just let him try...he won't stop loving me if he can't! But I would feel like a whale...oh the cycle of always seeing yourself as the fat girl even when you are skinner than you have been in the last 8 years.
But the mental picture is nice and an extra motivator to add to my stash! lol

mimipam said...

great article lil lady. Just keep living out loud and having a great life--the rest is just "stuff". loveyoutonz--no matter what size your jeans say--just get to that happy size for yourself. lovemimi