Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Halloween Showdown

Yesterday I started looking for a costume for Cooper to wear on Halloween. Yes, I realize that it’s still eons away, but this is my first big holiday as a new mommy and I CAN’T WAIT to get Coop all decked out in something adorable. But, there’s a problem … a big, bald, hairy-faced problem.

My husband.

I call Coop “sweet pea” all the time and I stumbled across the most precious “pea” costume and I thought it would be the absolute perfect thing for him to wear — sooo fitting!

Chris’ response?

“He is not wearing that!!!!!!!!!!!!”

He said he didn’t want his son looking like a dumb ass on Halloween. But really, can a 5-month old look like a dumb ass? I think not. If anything, it’s the parents who’ll look lame if their child is dressed, as say, air freshener, which just so happens to be my charming husband’s suggestion.

He justified this crazy costume idea by saying our son is stinky, which yes, most days the stench wafting from his poopy diapers can peal paint off walls, but really? AIR FRESHENER!! I get the irony … it cracks me up, but I can’t have my precious boy outfitted in homage to the tree-shaped things seen dangling from way too many rearview mirrors.

Chris is unyielding in his opinion at this point, as am I, and since Coop is too young to toss in his two cents I thought I’d ask those who happen by this blog. What do you think Coop should be for Halloween? A sweet pea or a trumped up tree? Cast you vote in the poll to the right.

-smell you later-
Coop’s Mom (aka Tessa)


Chris said...

All of you can vote for my kid to be a pea pod. I am the one who has to buy it so I think I will be the final decision maker in this poll.


Lindsay said...

I think Travis is gonna be Elvis!