Thursday, November 15, 2007

A Chill in the Air

Thank you sweet, sweet cold front! Yesterday it was in the 80s (until late afternoon). This morning — 40s! Yippee! Now it feels more holiday-ish. Poor Coop though, he wasn’t feeling Mommy’s enthusiasm for Old Man Winter. I had Daddy take a pic of us before we headed to daycare to celebrate the coldest morning of the season thus far. That he tolerated, but when I started to bundle him up, all hell broke loose. Why wouldn’t a babe love to be layered in a long-sleeve tee, insulated overalls and jacket and then be strapped into a car seat and covered with a blanket and toboggan? Sounds cozy to me, lol.

After Cooper’s tear fest he had that “I Hate My Mommy” expression plastered all over his face. That I can handle … I’ve seen it numerous times (like when I’ve gone all paparazzi on him or made fun of his new gruuuuuunting sounds).

But what gave me chills (more than the frigid temps) was after I unearthed him from his cold-weather wrap and handed him to his teacher. I went to give him a kiss good-bye and he turned away from me! =(

He’s never done that before and it stung — big time! Oh, a sign of things to come. That cutie patootie is gonna’ be a heartbreaker, in more ways than one.

-smell you later-
Coop’s Mom (aka Tessa)

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