Thursday, November 29, 2007

Earth to Chubbles

OK, so I have undoubtedly picked the Absolute Worst Time of Year to start cutting back on the calories, but I am completely ooged out by my recent sugar-eating OBSESSION. Cookies and candy and cupcakes, oh my! I can’t stop! And, because of this heightened addiction to sweets I have questioned (on more than one occasion) if I am preggars (I was completely crazed like this during my first trimester with Coop, but rest easy hubby, I’m not!).

I made the mistake (or was it ultimately the kick in the caboose I needed?) of stepping on the scales last Friday and was SHOCKED to see that my number had skyrocketed 17 lbs in the last couple of months! Ack!!! Sure, I had noticed that the pants that formerly sagged around the waist (thanks to the need for interim pants during a 45-lbs. weight loss prebaby) were fitting once again, but at the time, I was glad that I didn’t look like my rear hung down to my knees. But once I started flipping through pictures from Thanksgiving, I saw some familiar “friends” glaring at me … chubbier cheeks, a denser double chin, a shrinking neckline.

While I have NEVER been thin (doubt even at birth, lol), in my quest to shed poundage before going on Clomid the summer of 2006, I did work off a chunk of weight and have been able to maintain that loss (I only gained 15 lbs. during pregnancy and ended up losing 22 lbs. the week after Cooper was born). Seeing less of myself has felt incredibly goooood! But now, I feel myself slipping into old habits and I am angered by my lack of self-control.

Umm, hello, earth to Chubbles! Stop stuffing your face!

So, after the weigh-in, I decided it was time to rein in that nasty little cookie monster lurking inside me and get back on track. On Monday I started nixing all the superfluous sugar — the 3pm trip to the snack machine at work, the after-dinner dessert, the after-dessert dessert and so on. Because I had become accustomed to this exorbitant amount of sweet treats, I experienced MAJOR withdrawals (translation: blinding headaches) on Monday and Tuesday. But by Wednesday, I had started to even out and as of this AM, I am actually feeling a little pick-up in my energy level (even though Coop has woken me up 3 times each night for the past two nights … uuggh).

While ’tis the season for indulging in all the yumminess the holidays have to offer, I am optimistic (or is it naieve? Hmm, let’s start with optimistic, lol), that I can overcome my recent foray into the world of endless sweet snack attacks and regain — ahem — reloose those 17 pounds and be all set to dive head first into 2008 a little lighter and ready to tackle an even greater foe: Exercise. Ick!

-smell you later-
Coop’s Mom (aka Tessa)

p.s. I did weigh this morning and I’m down 3 lbs. from Friday! Yippee!

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