Friday, November 30, 2007

Sounds of the Season

Even for the most season-loving elf, the 24/7 Christmas radio station can be overkill. It’s like downing eggnog all day everyday … it sounds yummy in theory, but eventually your body revolts in a lactose-intolerant fit.

But, in doses, like from 9-5 at work, this Christmas station offers a joyous reprieve from the mind-numbing sounds of the office … the clicking of the keyboard, the coworker who stalks the walkways while carrying on crazy-loud conversations on his Bluetooth, the ringers on cell phones that obviously don’t have a vibrate-only option.

Plus, when you’re feeling a bit bah-humbugish, the constant string of Fa-La-La-La-La works wonders to lift your spirits. As was the case for me this AM. I was missing the hubby earlier (he’s on a boy’s only trip – bleck!) when a Christmas song from high school came on.

When Chris and I first started dating … waaay back in 1995, I was so incredibly in love with the idea of having a boyfriend (and yes, I was in love with that big o’ lug I was dating, too) to celebrate the season with that I wept … yes, wept! … every time I heard Mariah Carey’s All I Want for Christmas is You. (Yes, I was riding a raging hormone high.)

And when I was missing that man o’ mine today, that cheesy song came on and I was overcome with this warm, ooey gooey feeling. Nostalgia swept over me like a hazy fog.

When you’re 16 and dating the boy of your dreams, everything is extra special, extra important, extra sentimental, extra, extra everything. But you know what? I love the fact that this obnoxious lovey dovey Christmas tune can instantly take me back to a time when Chris and I were just crazy, care-free kids.

It’s a nice little vacation from the demands of adulthood.

But the extra bubble-gum bonus this Christmas? I am once again in love with the idea that I now have not one, but two boys to celebrate the season with. Like it was when I was 16 and wide-eyed and blissed-out, everything is extra special, extra important, extra sentimental, extra, extra everything. God has blessed my life with a beautiful, amazing soundtrack to life that keeps getting better with every new verse that’s written and I am in constant amazement at the melody.

For anyone who happens by this blog, may the sounds of the season bring back precious memories and inspire you to create new ones.

And to my boys — All I Want for Christmas is You.

-smell you later-
Coop’s Mom (aka Tessa)

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meganstephenson said...

its funny that that song reminds you of chris...i have that same song as brad's ringtone on my phone...i love reading your has become a daily thing for me to do...i love reading about coop and that other boy of yours...hope you guys have the greatest xmas ever...can't wait to see you guys you...