Sunday, January 13, 2008

so long, food stamps

OK, so we never went on food stamps, but when the rug gets ripped out from under you in the working world, your mind starts to wander about all of the unthinkable possibilities.

I feel like I haven't been able to breathe since my former employer announced that, as of February, everyone was out of a job. For weeks I have vacilated between complete confidence during resume primping/applying/interviewing to a totally shattered self-esteem.

Financial and professional uncertainty tends to have that effect on me.

But, as of 4:45 this past Friday, I've been riding high. I received a job offer! A great job offer with the chance to work in a new industry, with new people, to beef up my portfolio with promotional and marketing materials.

HR just has to check my background and references (Edie, Shelley, please be kind, lol!) and then I'm all set.

Bonus? It'll be about two weeks before I start, which, since I'm still on payroll at the other company until Feb means I'll be enjoying a little paid vacation. YAY!

I already have a list of things for me and Coop to do. Cry-baby matinee? Strollerfit? A trip to see Melanoma Mimi (her heart cath is this coming Friday)?

Aww, the possibilities.

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The Buster Family said...

Yea, you got a job! Congratulations!!!! So excited for you! You are a great writer. Who wouldn't want you working for them!
Al has an interview today...we're praying!