Tuesday, November 25, 2008

"you're tessa"

So, I got a wake-up call not too long ago: I’m not sexy.

Apparently my foul mouth, love of 12-year-old boy bathroom humor and obsession with home-bound lounge wear (read: oversized t-shirts and sloppy shorts/pj pants), along with other miscellaneous characteristics, has pigeonholed me as someone without a sensual bone in her body.

I asked the hubs something about me being sexy the other night and he kind of chuckled and said “um, you’re Tessa.”

No sexy side. No sensual side. No wine and roses and soft, romantic gestures. I’m just … Tessa.

ACK! You don't want the husband to see you this way (um, unless you have a "headache," lol).

I know there was no malice in the hubs' message, he was just calling it like it was, but that one little comment has bugged me ever since.

How do I get my “Sexy Back” (thank you Justin Timberlake for the most overused song lyrics ever recorded)? Did I ever have it to begin with?

Suggestions? Please help the schlub. ;)

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Sawatzky Kids said...

ooohhhh.... not the best self esteem boost to be sure.... you know my comment could get lengthy I think I will post about this over on my blog! lol What is one more silly embarrasing post when I have already written so many! lmao