Friday, May 29, 2009


At 2 pm yesterday I was huddled in my coworker’s office, my blazing-red face tucked into my hands, my nerves a chaotic mess as the words, “I have Tessa with me here today …” rang out over the air waves.

It was my debut on The North Texas Kids Radio Show (click here for backstory). And folks, it wasn’t pretty. The one cosmic truth I know about myself is this: Thou Shalt Not Speak In Public (or on radio, TV, podcasts, voicemails, outgoing messages, drive-thrus, Cooper’s recordable Elmo toy).

It’s amazing to me, how, when in the zone, I can find just the right words to convey my message when I have a keyboard at the ready. But holy catfish Charlie … ask me to verbalize that same sentiment and I’m transformed into the village idiot.

Ugh. Click here for all the audible "glory" (if you must … but don’t say you weren’t warned). Thanks to Minette for giving me a shot ... I'm sure it will be my last, lol. It was a blast while it lasted! ;)

p.s. Huge “oops with good intentions” out to Shelly over at Sawatzky Survivors, Alicia at Murry Mayhem and MckMama at My Charming Kids for failing to remember the names of their blogs when I attempted an on-air shout-out. You all inspire me ... just a doof behind a mic. ;)


Kathy Sena said...

You don't give yourself enough credit, my friend! You sounded terrific and fun and enthusiastic! Loved it. More, please!

Sawatzky family said...

You did GREAT! I do 40 takes of just my "talkies" on my own blog I can not imagine doing it live on air with no do-over! lol
Way to go! Very well said fellow mama :) I am totally gonna get Shawn (the hubby) to listen, a real life "mama celeb" saying my name on the radio that is very exciting for my non exciting life! lol

mimipam said...

YEAH--YOU ROCK--I am so proud of you, I know "speaking" in public is not your thing--ha ha--but you did a much better job than you let on. I could hear the tears gathering and the grasps for words but that is what makes you sooo adorable! Is there no end to your amazing talent??? well, maybe sewing and cooking but then you can't be perfect at everything!!! Just kidding. You did a wonderful job. Way to go lil girl! lovemimi